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RIIMPO319E Conduct Backhoe/Loader Operations

A backhoe ticket is a nationally recognised unit of competency that’ll give you the skills to operate a backhoe on a construction or building site. Having a backhoe ticket will qualify you for jobs in transport, mining, and agriculture.

  • A backhoe is a type of earthmoving equipment featuring a digging bucket attached to an articulated arm. Backhoes can be mounted to the back of a tractor or a front loader.
  • Backhoes are primarily used for earthmoving and excavation applications. The backhoe bucket can be replaced with various attachments to suit the requirements of different jobs.
  • There is no backhoe licence – it’s a unit of competency and each worksite needs to prove competency in order to operate. Getting a backhoe unit of competency from a registered training organisation ensures you have the skills to safely operate this machinery.

A nationally recognised statement of attainment will be issued to students on successful completion of the course along with a wallet sized card.