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Emotional Intelligence – (On-Line)

Emotional intelligence involves a combination of competencies which allow a person to be aware of, to understand, and to be in control of their own emotions, to recognize and understand the emotions of others, and to use this knowledge to foster their success and the success of others.

People with highly developed EI are proven to be more successful in the workplace because they can understand their emotions and why they behave the way that they behave. They can use their emotions as clues to what their body and mind are trying to tell them. And they can use their EI to truly understand others and their points of view.

This course describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and use emotional intelligence to increase self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management in the workplace.

It applies to individuals who are required to identify, analyse, synthesise and act on information from a range of sources and who deal with unpredictable problems as part of their job role. These individuals may be responsible for leading a team or work area.

You will cover topics including:

What is emotional intelligence

Self awareness

How to develop Emotional Intelligence in yourself and others

Assessing strengths and weaknesses

Applying techniques

Training Mode – Online Only

Outcome – If you DO NOT wish to obtain a Statement of Attainment in BSBPEF502 Develop and Use emotional Intelligence please contact us.